HRH Cadbury

Solid Chocolate

Cadbury is our favorite queen.  How can we say that?!  She was our first, our ‘replacement’, if there is such a thing (no, there really isn’t), for Austin, our first Himmy pet.  We chose her (no, we really didn’t; she ‘selected’ us) to breed from and that’s how this all started...  She’s a sweet-natured Royal Highness and the best nanny to other mummies there ever was.


Bicolour Black & White

Domino is a strident matriarch; she’s stroppy and opinionated!  We love the way she snuffles around the house, there’s simply no other way to describe it.  Dom is a brilliant, self-sufficient, strong, and somewhat hardheaded mother who really we think you’d be best to heed...  She keeps us together.

Cookies and Cream

Bicolour Chocolate & White

Ah - now Cooks - here’s a conundrum.  She’s one of our calendar stars, but the fame has not caused her to be aloof.  She’s soft and cuddly but bats the other girls into order.  She’s a little Batgirl superhero, but has a gossamer underbelly she loves being stroked.  Catch the drift?


Cinnamon Tortoiseshell

What can we say about this sweetie-pie?  She’s red, she’s white, she’s black, she’s not.  Hard to pin down, but eternally loving, Zoah-belle’s the one who totally ‘gets it’ when you’re of a mind to simply cuddle by the fire with (her and) a good book.


Shaded Silver

Sash is a delicate flower who virtually blooms with her kittens!  She follows them around the house as if to ensure the mischief that they get into will not make it onto college transcripts.  She is sensible and loyal, and has the dearest heart which she wears on her front right paw-sleeve - can you see it?


Chinchilla Silver

Shabby is such a youthful princess it’s hard to imagine she’s had children.  She is super sweet and known far and wide for her steady stare.  In fact, you may recognize her as the bundle of love on our home page.  She watches over us all in that amazing constant fashion only cats do, and do well.

Lotus aka Luce Liu

Lilac Point Himalayan

Loodleberry was a terror when we first met - she literally had a ‘thorn’ in her paw.  Once resolved, she became a cuddly snowball.  She eats like a champ, and turns into a veritable butterball when she has her cherished and super-friendly babies, but somehow is a light ‘poof!’ when you pick her up (Ed. wouldn’t I like to know her secret). Oh, and her kittens can only be described as geiger-counters, all. 

Pazza Gatta

Blue-Cream Point Himalayan

What’s in a name?  Well a lot of personality and chutzpah, for this girly!  She’s a spicy firecracker, a steam-rocket, a train to Vegas.  Himmies have more gumption, baby, and this one seals it.  She’s a real softie when you catch her for a snuggle first thing in the morning, but she didn’t really want me telling you that... She’ll eat your heart for breakfast and move on to your body and soul.


Seal Point Himalayan

An extremely sweet-natured cat with that sweet name for accompaniment, Tiramisu is another of our calendar girls!  She features on the 2011 Himalayan Calendar sold on Amazon!  Misu-Mae was one you had to chase for affection like a 60’s girl at a soda fountain - round and round she’d send you.  She was an attentive and devoted mother and her kittens were held hourly.  When we first met her our hearts skipped a beat because those piercing blue eyes reminded us of Austin, our first...

Lilia or “Slush”

Solid Lilac

Our darling Slushie; don’t let the name fool you into complacence.  Our friendly, confident matriarch who cuddles, chats, and is a significant wonder to spend time with.  Truly, one of the best temperaments we’ve ever experienced.  We have two of her daughters because we love her so much;  she is truly irreplaceable and more than one broken heart lies in her wake.

La Rouge

Bicolour Red & White

Ruby-doo, as we call this little fluffball, is immensely demonstrative, even with total strangers.  We are often chastising her for being too forward with her affections.  She will press her head into your hand whether it’s reaching out to her or in your pocket or even full of something sticky; it’s of no matter to Ruble.  From more ‘showy’ lines, her prestige is here if you are interested in a top quality cat, but we just love that attitude of doting attachment.  Personally, and you may think I’m mad, I’ve always thought she looks a little like Robin Williams, but there’s a Scottish appeal to her that few would deny.  She’s a corker, whichever way you take her.

* Please note this list includes cats who were with us but are in family homes now.  We respect their beauty and service and now it is our hope they are as happy as they made us. 

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