In a Nutshell

We at P3RSIANS try our utmost best to ensure you are getting a great family member; we’ll admit to not being experts on show lines and tipped noses (we pay people for that), but do know an awful lot about someone’s word and promises made.  We focus efforts on adoption to (indoor with spay/ neuter agreement) pet homes, though we may well produce kittens which are show quality - in health, lines, showiness, and temperament.  

Ours is a PKD-negative cattery (with papers to prove it), and we go further by testing negative for FeLV/ FIV (Feline Leukemia Virus and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), and proactively treating all cats and kittens for Giardia, Coccidia, and Ringworm as well as Fleas.

We feed a special raw protein diet to ensure nursing queens and kittens have enough nutrition to flourish during these vital stages. 

All kittens are checked by our veterinarian, wormed, given full kitten series’ shots as well as antibiotic booster treatments for their eyes and they go home with Parents’ 6-Generational pedigrees from the CFA (we are registered with TICA as well) whether they are meant for the show circuit or your home circle.  We promote ethical breeding and don’t in-, line-, or over-breed, and we think that our clients will come to know the true value of choosing our babies in years to come. 

And we like it that way.

With thanks to our friends and clients, we have placed all our cats and kittens with Deserving Homes

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2012 Update:  We are Not Breeding

The past year has been rough on our family, as it has for so many.  Our family has relocated, and our new home is intended to provide time and space for healing.  We will always uphold our promises to present clients who’ve adopted kitties from us, and continue to be available for advice on nutrition/ care/ behavior, as well as maintain and expand this site for use by all.

Thanks to many nameless clients for your support and encouragement, and in no way do we view this as negative nor should you.  It’s a good decision, made with respect.